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Sunday, March 8, 2009


My name is Emma Margaret
I love to dance and sing and act
I love my friends and family so much
I don't know what I would do without them
I am catholic and I love going to church!
Right now I am in middle school... It's alright.
I think I prefer summer more just because of the weather
I don't just like it cause there is no school!
I can't wait till spring break in a couple weeks!
I get to go to the British Virgin Islands!
I go there every year and they're so fun!


*Jess* said...

EMMA U NEED 2 WRITE LIKE NOW, YOU HAVEN'T POSTED IN LIKE FOREVER!!!!!! Please post something new for your friends to read.
and VISIT ME NOW!!! This is jess @(anti-pinkcrazyblog.blogspot.com

Futurebloodsucker said...

hey dude.... lol nice blog. not much written write more.

dibro1 said...

ecri moi on on poura se connaitre

*~♥The Psychic 42♥~* said...

That is French which translates into this:

Written on on me to know.

According to Google.